Friday, December 4, 2020

"Sheer, luminous, living, wafting color"

 From The Boston Globe, Friday, December 4:

Installation view
See gallery website for specifics

My show, Joanne Mattera: Silk Road, will be up at Arden Gallery in Boston through the end of December. Big thanks to Cate McQuaid, longtime art reviewer for The Boston Globe, for her kind words and, as always, to Arden Gallery--and its owners, Zola Solamente and Rick Boomer-- for their support. Arden has represented me for 21 years. This is my 10th solo with the gallery.

Newbury Street is especially lovely this time of year. By late afternoon the display windows are illuminated and the trees up and down the street are decorated with tiny lights. The gallery welcomes visitors who are masked and practice social distancing. Come and see the show!

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  1. Wow, Joanne, Congrats on your latest solo at Arden! Your passion for gorgeously paired hues of energetic yet soulful color continues to radiate optimism. Who can look at your work and not have her mood immediately elevated?!