Thursday, January 25, 2018

Looking Sharp

Odili Donald Odita at Jack Shainman Gallery, through February 10

I hadn't expected to post for a while because of some pressing studio and writing deadlines, but a number of works seen recently, all with sharp angles and edges, just cried out for a little blog curation. So here you go. All the exhibitions are in Manhattan, and all are still up. 

View of Odili Donald Odita's show, Third Sun, from the entrance
The work below is the one shown in the distance here. His shards and fractured patterns are chromatically and compositionally compelling.

. . . . . 

Louise Blyton solo, Butterfly Milk, at 57 W. 57 Arts through February 23

Brilliant color, inventive forms, and impeccable construction are hallmarks of this Australian artist's work, which you might call painted sculpture or sculptural painting. Either way, it's spectacular. Blyton's use of angles is smart and often unexpected. This is her first New York solo, which you can view more fully here. All the work is from 2017

Foreground: Stardust, acrylic on linen

Two corner paintings
Foreground: Volcanic Heart, pigment on linen
Far corner: I'm Going to Stay Where You Sleep All Day, pigment on linen

Installation view: Drifty Lingering, acrylic on linen

Closer view below

Below: part of a threesome called 2 Little Whos, acrylic on linen; these, 7 x 4 inches and 9 x 7 inches

. . . . . 

Beyond Black and White at Westbeth Gallery considers the power of achromatic expression in easel-size paintings by 38 artists. Organizers Henry Brown and Li Trincere rightly describe the achromatic palette as "an important niche within contemporary abstraction." The exhibition is up through January 27

Patricia Zarate wall painting

Photos via the Tamar Zinn blog, where you can see many more images of this show. (My phone ran out of power when I was there.)

Below: David Rhodes, left, and Li Trincere

. . . . .

Surface & Substance, a lively group show at The Painting Center, curated by Hester Simpson, includes a number of works that share an affinity with the theme of this post. The exhibition is up  through January 27

Daniel G. Hill, Spider Painting, steel wire and music wire, 36 x 30 x 3 inches
Detail below

Mary Schiliro, Random Dip #16, Random Dip #15, and Random Dip #17, each 36 x 12 inches, acrylic on Mylar

 Paul Behnke,  The King's Grail, acrylic on canvas, 58 x 60 inches

Paul Behnke, Dark Form for Alan Davie, acrylic on canvas

Installation view below with Behnke, Jane Schiowitz, and Mario Naves

Mario Naves, Magic Number, oil and acrylic on canvas over panel
Image from The Painting Center website

. . . . .

Mario Naves also has a solo at the Elizabeth Harris Gallery, through February 10, where you can see the painting below: Tavola, acrylic on panel, 16 x 12 inches

Image from the gallery website

. . . . . 

 Mary Judge, Diadema Red and Green, graphite and flashe on linen-mounted panel

Included in the group show Inward/Outward: Responding to the Built Environment at Garvey Simon, through February 10

Installation view below