Well-Fed Artist Press

WELL-FED ARTIST PRESS is my artist-run imprint. I think it's important for visual and performing artists to create opportunities for themselves, even as they participate in more conventional commercial ventures. Well-Fed Artist Press has to date produced four publications: a full-length memoir, two exhibition catalogs, and a volume celebrating the 10-year anniversary of one series, Silk Road. These publications are printed by Magcloud and are available through them.

Vita: A Memoir
208 pages, fully illustrated

Subtitled Growing Up Italian, Coming Out, and Making a Life in Art, this volume recounts my Italian-American childhood in the Fifties, coming of age in the Sixties, coming out as gay in the Seventies, and my ongoing life as an artist. Writing in Two Coats of Paint, Sharon Butler describes the volume as “a personal pleasure and a professional revelation.”
$45 print; $10 digital 
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. Sharon Butler's Two Coats of Paint review, Joanne Mattera Remembers
Deanna Sirlin’s interview with me in The Art Section, A Life in Art

From Dawn to Dusk
36 pages, fully illustrated, with essays by curator Ellen Hackl Fagan and artist Joanne Mattera

From Dawn to Dusk accompanied my 35th career solo of the same name, which took place at ODETTA Gallery in New York City, October-November, 2019.

$18 print; viewable online at no charge
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30 pages, fully illustrated, with essays by Zola Solamente and Carol Pelletier

Fifty/Fifty accompanied my eponymous solo at Arden Gallery, Boston. The exhibition was my ninth solo with the gallery, which has represented me for 20 years, and my 34th career solo.
$18 print; viewable online at no charge

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Silk Road
2016, second edition
54 pages, fully illustrated with paintings and installation views as well as review excerpts

This volume marks 10 years with one series. While my studio practice embraces a range of reductive color fields and geometric abstraction in a variety of mediums, Silk Road, the series, now numbers over 400 small and mid-size paintings in encaustic.
$18 print; viewable online at no charge

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