Sunday, November 26, 2017

Autumn in New York, Part 1: Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us)

I know, I have not been posting regularly. But I'm going to try to make up to you with a series of posts between now and the end of the year. Everything you'll see comes from exhibitions that took place in September and October and will take place through the end of November. 

Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us), Wall 1

We start in Brooklyn at the studio of Julian Jackson, where he and Jeffrey Cortland Jones installed a one-night-only showing of Jones's traveling curatorial project, Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us). The concept: a social experiment bringing artists together via pixels. Jones invited a couple hundred artists from 16 countries to email him a black and white image of something of interest to us--an artwork, a photograph, a notebook page, a working drawing. Each exhibiting venue printed out the images on 8.5 by 11-inch sheets and push-pinned them to the wall. Voila! An exhibition that traveled from Dayton, Ohio, to commercial galleries, community colleges, art schools, and art centers in such far-flung venues as Heidelberg, Germany; High Wycombe, England; Queensland, Australia; as well as Berkeley, Chattanooga, and Nashville--14 venues in all in just over one year.

Artists were identified by Jpeg printouts, like this. Below a few closer views, shot mostly from the lower rows (hey, I'm not tall)

Laura Duerwald

Mark Wethli

John Tallman

Debra Ramsay

Gary Petersen

Ruth Hiller

Paige Williams

Joanne Mattera

Matthew Langley

Steven Alexander

Wall 2

Howard Hersh

Anne Russinof

Don Voisine

Laura Sue King

Nick Satinover

Julian Jackson

James Austin Murray

Jeffrey Cortland Jones


  1. It's enlightening how fascinating an exhibition this made from just 8 1/2 x 11 inch prints of jpgs. Kudos to the curators for their idea and to the artists for their submissions. I want to know how can I get on a list of artists like this. Do we all have to be in NYC or Brooklyn?

  2. Nancy: I assume you have to be known to the curator, Jeffrey Cortland Jones. (And I'm guessing Jeffrey will get a number of new Facebook requests.) As for location, the artists come from 16 countries--and Jeffrey himself is from Dayton, Ohio--so living in the five boroughs is not requisite

  3. Thank you so much! How very interesting!!!