These are recent digital prints from an ongoing series.

Above: Silk Trail 307; below: Silk Trail 402
 Both 2012, unique digital prints, paper size 11 x 8.5 inches

As I was printing images of my paintings, an encaustic-on-panel series called Silk Road, the printer cartridge started running out of ink. What resulted was a print that had little resemblance to the painting but was a new and, I thought, beautiful image all its own. I immediately began to manipulate the resulting images by reprinting and overprinting. A new series came into being: Silk Trail. You can read about its origin here.
As I approach my 400th print, I have learned a lot about how to make the printer and those last drops of ink do what I want them to do. Still, there's the element of surprise that keep me up until 4:00 a.m. feeding sheets of paper into the printer and holding my breath to see what comes out.
All work here is from 2012--2016. Each is a unique digital print on archival Epson paper, the image within an 11 x 8.5 sheet.

Silk Trail 303

Silk Trail 315

Silk Trail 318

Silk Trail 333

Silk Trail 334

Silk Trail 359 

 Silk Trail 367

Silk Trail 368

These and other prints from the series are available at:

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